DLA PN: 04004-03
Voltage @85°CCapacitance (μF)ESR (mΩ)DCL @25°C (μA)Temp RangeVoltage @125°CHeight (in)Mass (g)
2570,00015300-55°C to 125°C150.76106

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Studs are CDA-752 #2-56. Stainless steel spacers and nuts provided.

Product Variants

Description± 10% ToleranceStud Height 0.220"Stud Height 0.280"Stud Height 0.410"Stud Height 0.160"Stud Height 0.190"Stud Height 0.360"

Custom Center Terminal

Length L0.125"0.156"0.188"0.219"*0.230"0.250"0.281"0.313"

*If unspecified, standard center lead length is 0.230 ± 0.030"
L(x) dimensions are ± 0.010"

Capacitance vs. temp

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ESR vs. temp

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