EVANSCAPS are the most power dense capacitors in the industry. EVANSCAPS unique hybrid technology provides significant SWaP savings and enables many of today’s most advanced applications.

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Our newest radial form factor consisting of a 1” X 1” square footprint.

Highest power density of any tantalum capacitor technology.

1.4 ” round case providing high reliability with 15 years of proven field service.

The newest generation of EVANSCAPS having the highest power density and lowest ESR

Hybrid capacitor technology in a traditional tantalum wet case style. High Temperature options available.

High power in a compact package. Mounting package, high shock, and high temperature options available.

High capacitance in a compact package. Shock hardened options available.

Banks of THQ or TDD capacitors to meet your demanding capacitor needs. COTS versions or custom configurations available.

The THQA2-HT capacitor comes in a 0.6” round diameter case and can be used in environments up to 200°C.

The THQS2 series capacitor is perfectly suited for applications with high impact shock requirements.

Utilizing sintered tantalum anodes and ruthenium oxide coated cathodes operating in aqueous electrolyte with additives, THS3 capacitors are hermetically sealed in a welded tantalum case.

HyCap High Temp capacitors are designed for operation in environments of up to 200°C and in extreme shock environments.

The shock hardened Capattery models can withstand shocks measured up to 100,000G and spin rates >3,000G.

Single cell capacitor housed in a polymer case.