Space & Military Applications

Space & Military Applications

Quantic Evans hybrid wet tantalum capacitors, known as EVANSCAPS, are perfectly suited to handle the unique requirements demanded in defense and space applications. EVANSCAPS are routinely screened and qualified to NASA EEE-INST-002 and are designed to adhere to several MIL Spec requirements. Customers are free to choose their own screening and qualification tests or can specify their own specific testing.

EVANSCAPS are the most power-dense capacitor in the industry and provide significant SWaP savings compared to other capacitor technologies, making them ideal for applications where minimizing volume and weight are critical design considerations. EVANSCAPS are qualified and in service with all tier 1 aerospace and defense contractors.

Product Attributes

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Rad-Hard
  • Ultra-Low ESR
  • Unlimited shelf life

Product Features

  • In Use on Various Satellites & Spacecraft Currently in Service
  • Used on Hi-Rel/Short Life Defense Articles
  • Routinely Screened and Qualified to NASA EEE-INST-002
  • Significant SWAP Savings vs Traditional Capacitor Technologies
  • Rugged Design Withstands Extreme Shock, Vibration & Temperature
  • Withstands Radiation Environments

Common Applications

  • Thrusters/Electric Propulsion
  • Power Holdup (MI- STD 704)
  • High Power Microwave
  • Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Defense/Electronic Warfare

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